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This workshop is now closed.

Our focus is now on reading and analysing every single idea and comment that has been shared in the latest online workshop. You can still login to read what was shared but you can no longer add to them.

The national Psychological Professions into Action project was created to bring psychological professionals (PPs), their healthcare colleagues and service users together to collectively define the future of the psychological professions, to ensure we are having the greatest possible impact for the communities we serve.

We began this work with a clear mandate, to explore the potential impact that PPs could have on health and care, the actions that PPs need to take to realise their impact, and what support would they need to realise their visionary goals.  Over 1,200 people joined the first online workshop, and together they shared over 8,300 brilliant ideas and insights.

In the wake of the Covid pandemic, we quickly hosted a second national conversation, to understand and shape immediate and future actions and plans in light of our changing world, and to ensure that we capture and are learning from the great work our colleagues are doing.

Almost 10,000 ideas and insights were shared across the first two online conversations. This enabled us to draft a co-created direction for the future of the psychological professions, the commitments that PPs would like to make, and the support PP’s need to realise their full potential.  This was the focus of our third conversation. Together, our crowd has also shared numerous specific actions, many of which leaders of the PPN are already addressing and taking forward. 

Together we’ll shape the future of the psychological professions.  Together, we’ll change the world.






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7 reasons you should join in:

  1. Share your thoughts and ideas
  2. It’s open, so you can rate and build on other’s ideas
  3. Open 24/7 when the conversation is live
  4. Always anonymised
  5. You don’t have to be a loud person too get your voice heard
  6. Help shape the health of our nation
  7. This project will feedback to @NHSEngland and @NHSEdEng


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